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February 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Through the Long Grass In September of 2012 we returned to Japan, for my second trip there. We made it to Tokyo and to Oita (Kyushu), and I once again got to see lots of wonderful sights and eat lots (and lots) of wonderful food. Japanese food in Japan - hard to beat.

I've added several shots from that trip to the Japan gallery. All were taken with the Nikon D800E. The prints from that camera are spectacular - I see why pros have said it's near-medium-format quality, but with the advantages of a traditional 35mm DSLR.

I've also been using the Sony RX100 quite a lot, as my walk-around, take-everywhere camera. I'll put some photos up from it soon, but suffice to say it is a spectacular little camera for the size - great quality (especially at the widest focal length), much better photos that you might ever expect to come from a camera so small. It's also quiet - the leaf shutter is nearly silent, and literally silent for all intents and purposes on a busy street or in a cafe, or anywhere with any outside noise going on.

Basically, if you are looking for a highly portable, but still high quality compact camera and have the money to spend on the RX100, it's definitely the one to get.


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