Checking Out New Themes

September 22, 2013  •  1 Comment

Vancouver SunriseVancouver SunriseFrom Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, on a warm summer morning

I'm trying one of Zenfolio's new themes. It's high time they had some new layouts available; unfortunately, many of the ones I tried mess up the photos in one way or another (either squish them or cut off the tops and bottoms) or end up looking terrible (the full screen themes I tried made the images look pixellated and mottled, despite the fact that I upload full res shots to this site for printing purposes so there's more than enough resolution available on even the highest resolution monitor).

I'll go with this brighter, whiter theme for a while. Let me know if you have a strong opinion against in and for a return to the black of before. I did like how black showed off the images...but the white is easier on the eyes and the mind.

The photo for this post is utterly unrelated to the theme of Themes. It's a stitched pano shot (from RAW files) of Vancouver that I took from Stanley Park on an early Sunday morning. I used the Sony RX1-R, which continues to impress as a genuine DSLR replacement for travel and every-day-carrying.


1.Frank Villafañe(non-registered)
Hey Joseph,

Great shot of Vancouver in the morning! I particularly like the reflections...pure glass. I have also moved to one of the new(er) Zenfolio layouts and like it. I moved from light gray to dark gray (almost, but not quite, black). Unlike you, I adopted the full-screen layout for my images. The white is ok, but I feel the darker background brings out the colors/B&W better (i.e. they "pop")...but that's just mho. Your site is very nice...a lot of great cityscapes. I'm adding you to my list of photographers to watch. Drop a line when you're able...and above all, please peruse my site...
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