"Mr. Eckert's technical knowledge and skill in photography was exceptionally good. He was able to capture many candid moments unobtrusively. We highly recommend him!"



Weddings are minutes, hours, and sometimes even days of memories. All the planning, all the hard work in preparation, all the invitations and arrangements and ordering of food and flowers and gowns and tuxedos all culminate in a series of heart-beat quick memories that will last you a lifetime.



My goal as a photographer is to record those events for you. Your job is to enjoy the fruits of your labor, the results of all the hard work you've put in for the last several months; my job is capture the day for you. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible (within the bounds you expect) and provide a documentary of the key moments - the key memories - of your special day.



I live in the Greater Seattle Area - so most of my clients are from that area of the Pacific Northwest as well. If you live much further away we still might be able to work something out!



I offer very competitive rates and a strong willingness to work with you to get the most memories out of your special day. I tend to work in a documentary style, with candid shots and an approach that emphasizes getting out of the way and recording memories for you. I am not a task master or "photographer-zilla" (which I have encountered myself).


That said, I am happy to set up posed shots, group photos, etc - whatever you prefer.


My motto has been:

  • Unless otherwise directed, follow the bride


I learned photography primarily through landscapes and "found images," as you can see on the rest of this website. I use that background to your advantage in weddings, working quickly but carefully, customizing my approach to you. I'm not looking to just crank out an album of shots for you and be done - and do this weekend after weekend - but instead to help realize the uniqueness and special qualities of your specific wedding.



I look for the magic: the key moments, the important props and items, the interaction between family members and friends, the fun and excitement and the love. That's what I try to communicate in my shots; that's what I try to help you remember.


This means strong skills behind the camera and, increasingly in our digital world, strong skills behind the computer. An advantage of starting out (and continuing to be) a landscape photographer is I have had the opportunity to learn an enormous amount about post processing - taking the images as shot and turning them into something even more special. 


What I provide:

  • Up front contract and locked-in pricing
  • Work with you on a list of your must-have shots that I will make it a priority to get
  • Work with you on a style that you prefer
  • Work with you on a package that works best for you
  • Generally, work with you to create the best memories I possibly can, the way you want them to be




My standard package is photography on the day of of your wedding  (which can be either the ceremony, reception, or both - and can include additional times and areas if you like), complete and thorough post processing, and delivery of a USB with the full-resolution files on it. This is for people who are comfortable printing and distributing their own photographs.


Most of my clients choose the standard package. I make recommendations on printing services that I have found to offer the highest quality at competitive rates, and I prefer, if possible, to be there when you see the photos for the first time when I deliver the USB (this isn't always possible, but it's one of the most rewarding parts of this job, and as a result one of my favorite things).

A step beyond the standard package is additional hosting of photographs here on my website, so you can direct distant friends and relatives to a private (security-coded) site where they can view the photos and print them directly from the website via MPix, the printing service I use for all of my own printing needs.


And, finally, there is a premium package wherein after the files have been processed we pick your favorite shots and I work with my printer to create a quality coffee-table style wedding book for you, as well as archival-quality prints of a variety of possible sizes, with framing options available. We would determine what kind of book (size, number of pages, etc) and how many prints of what sizes you are looking for up front, and roll everything into the quote I give you. The advantage of this package is I can do the heavy lifting in terms of printing and ensure you get high quality results. I do not use CostCo, where printing is 'cheap' in every way. I use MPix, the same high end printer I use for my large-scale landscape prints.



Some Frequently Asked Questions:


How much do you charge?

Every wedding is different. As a result I can't give you an up-front figure. But once I work with you to find out what your particular wedding involves, how far away it is from me, and what kind of package you want, I can quickly arrive at a quote.


Why are you often charge less than the big boutique wedding photography businesses?

Because I'm not a big boutique wedding photography business. Those have certain advantages, including tons of extra staff, a broader range of lighting equipment, and an assembly-line kind of attitude where you are just one more in a nearly anonymous string of clients.

That's not for me. I want to get to know you personally, learn all about your wedding day, and plan my work around what you envision. On the day of, I want to melt into the background as much as possible, and document everything. I want to tell the story of your day.


Why do you require a deposit?

Your deposit locks me in for that day or weekend of your wedding. If you back out or decide to go with a different photographer at the last minute, that means a day or weekend that I've lost other business, because I've turned down other couples who have weddings on the same day. When we sign the contract and you put down the deposit, I'm committed.


Contract? Why a contract?

In our increasingly litigious society it is important for everyone to protect themselves. The contract is straightforward, ensuring that we are on the same page and that we all understand that I will do my best to get the shots you want - especially those 'key' shots you specify ahead of time - but there is no way I can guarantee I'll get everything. I believe this is important to understand and be very up front about. Any photographer who guarantees they'll get all the perfect shots - according to your definition of perfect, not theirs - is lying to you.

That said, my promise to you is to make every effort to return with something you will love and cherish for many years to come. I am married myself, and I know exactly how important those wedding photos are.


My Uncle Jim has a DSLR - why shouldn't I just have him do my wedding?

If your Uncle Jim is a pro photographer who knows his stuff, then that's a perfectly reasonable way to go and save some money. Keep in mind Uncle Jim won't get to enjoy your wedding as a result - wedding photography is hard work. And don't let Uncle Jim drink!

Also, make sure Uncle Jim can post process your photos. This is not as easy as it sounds, and post processing can make the difference between 'good' and 'stunning'.



Interested? Send me an email at josepheckertphotography@gmail.com